Lip Fillers  0.5ml  £145

                 1ml     £175


Russian Lips £220


Nasolabial folds  (nose to mouth lines)

1ml £220


Marionette lines (mouth to chin lines) 

1ml £220


Cheeks 2ml £250


Jawline and chin 3ml £300


Chin £175






Profhilo is the first injectable treatment of its kind. It's a new beneath the skin moisturising treatment which nourishes the dermal cells and restores firmness to the skin.

2 treatments are needed 4 weeks apart. 


1st treatment £275

2nd treatment £225


Jalupro HMW 


This treatment restores radiance and brightness to dull skin. It helps prevent and reduce sagging skin and reduces fine lines and signs of expression. 
it is an injectable treatment which contains amino acids. Once this product is injected it awakens the fibroblasts which then triggers the collagen and elastin which results in your skins elasticity and volume being restored. 


Generally 2 treatments are required 21 days apart.

1 treatment £200

2 treatments £350

3 treatments £450


Eye Brightener 


Superficial pappule injections to help brighten the eye area. Can help with lymphatic drainage, fine lines, dark circles, tightening, hydration and texture.  This treatment imbues the skin with moisture, mechanically contributes to stimulating proliferation of fibroblasts, and improves skin elasticity and firmness.


2 or 3 treatments are needed 14 days apart.

Each treatment £175




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