Liquid and powder enhancements (acrylic)


Full set of enhancements  £50


Full set of overlays  £45


Maintenance (needed every 2-4 weeks)  £30


Safe removal and mini-manicure  £22.00


Single nail enhancement  £3.00


Single nail at time of maintenance  £2.00


Soak off (to re-apply a new set)  £15.00


Gelish or Shellac over enhancements  £6.00


Gel top coat  £3.00


Nail art prices start from £2.00 per nail


Chrome nails full set add £5.00


Glitter nails full set add £5.00


                                      GEL POLISH APPLICATION


Gel Bottle Inc are soak off gels which will leave no damage to the natural nails.  They are completely dry so there is no smudging and they leave a lovely high gloss shine. They can last up to 21 days on the natural nail.

BIAB or Builder in a bottle is a fantastic strengthener for weaker nails.... feel as strong as acrylic! 


Application to fingers or toes  £28


BIAB £35


French Application £30


Soak off to re-apply  £5.00


Minx nails - extending fashion to your fingertips - plenty of wonderful designs to choose from including patterns and metallics.


Application to fingers or toes  £35.00










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